Solar PV Development and Financing Masterclass

Brickstone Project Sponsors Masterclass Training

Solar PV Development and Financing Masterclass

Solar power is the fastest growing energy technology in the world. Grid and generation parity to fossil fuels is reached or tackled from large to small scale projects across many countries without policy support. Utility Scale Solar PV is, like many other renewables, a capital-intensive technology with high up-front costs. This makes developers of Solar PV Development and Financing projects particularly sensitive to the cost of capital and investor confidence in a country.
Masterclass Objectives

This Solar PV Development and Financing Masterclass Training course will look at enhancing financial analysis of solar PV projects and will examine the trigger variables. There will be a focus on connecting the dots between technology & financial innovation and how this is driving business models of solar PV.

Brickstone tackles the growing challenges facing private sector companies in the renewable energy projects (investors, operators, contractors) and public authorities in meeting Solar PV regulations and supporting the sustainable frameworks for the growth of mini-grids.

There are key challenges for  mini-grids because do not have traditional PPAs with a single, contracted off-taker. Hence these transactions are  committed to developing the data sets and frameworks necessary to demonstrate that portfolios of uncontracted off-takers can produce predictable, bankable cash flows. This masterclass would throw more light on the need for increasing the predictability and accuracy of projecting revenue from its assets, as this would be a critical step for unlocking financing.

Programme Overview
  • A Two(2)-day training covering the full life cycle of the Off-Grid Utility Scale Solar PV developments
  • Framed by the Nigeria context of current Power regulation and sector development of Renewable Energy.
  • Consists of lectures, hands-on group exercises, computer modeling, and video case studies.
  • Expand Your Knowledge – Understand how different financial tools enable the many innovative business models emerging in the solar sector
Who Can Participate?

The Masterclass is focused more on Sponsors and Project Owners as detailed below

  • Start-up and Experienced Entrepreneurs involved in Off-Grid Solar PV development
  • Heads of Family Managed Enterprises,Directors and Strategic Decision makers in Off-Grid Solar PV Developments
  • Mid to Senior level corporate executives in Public Sector dealing with strategic issues in Off-Grid Solar PV Developments
  • Independent directors and Legal Advisors dealing with Off-Grid Solar PV Developments
  • Academics and students who are looking out for strategic insights into the practical aspects of Off-Grid Solar PV Developments
Content Outline
Day One

1. Physical and Technical Aspects of Solar
Components of solar systems, irradiation, estimation of annual energy production and its uncertainty.

2. Grid-connected Solar PV
Technical challenges, commercial operating models

3. Off-grid Applications
Technical challenges, target areas, load profiling, commercial operating models and motivation for hybridization.

4. Hybrid Systems

  • Components in hybrid systems: diesel, battery, wind turbine, hydro turbine: technologies, commercial parameters.
  • Solar & diesel: in fuel saver mode or with either passive or active controller.
  • Solar & battery: objective of use of battery, self-sufficiency
  • Other hybridization: solar & battery & diesel, solar & wind, solar & hydro

5. Equipment Procurement & Key Terms

Training and understanding of the different procurement techniques in the Solar PV Equipment Sourcing and also the Supply Chain Management.

Day Two

6. Financing 

Financing Instruments: grants, debt & equity instruments, leasing, tax credits, guarantees, non-recourse vs. corporate finance. Carbon finance.
Use of cash flow model to analyse and structure a deal that allows both investors and lenders to participate whilst providing economic benefits to the offtaker / client.

7. Legal & Contract Structuring in Solar PV

8. Investment Lifecycle

Use the mode to support decision making process for sponsor, investor and lender during first round of financing. Re-financing debt, secondary equity sale.

9. Workshop on Risk Assessment & Strategy

Discussion Panel on discussion of Projects risks how to deal with them. Key risks include credit, market, interest, infrastructure, engineering, liquidity, supply, currency, political and environmental. Guest Speakers to be invited to share their knowledge


The Facilitators are leading specialist in Renewable Energy having vast commercial and financial management experience range from sourcing, technical and financial feasibility assessments, over commercial and contractual (EPC and O&M) negotiations, to sourcing, developing, closing and delivering equity, project/ corporate finance and other contractual structures across major infrastructure projects within Europe, Australia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Masterclass Locations, 2018–2019


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