Finance Fundamentals for Entrepreneurs

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Finance Fundamentals for Entrepreneurs

To succeed as a entrepreneur, knowledge of basic financial principles and the budgeting process is critical. Entrepreneurs often point to finance being the most important skill they cherish.  What complicates the matter further is that financial decision making in the context of new venture is different from materials taught in most finance courses.  This course is aimed primarily at CEOs with little or limited finance knowledge but whose business is at a growth stage with huge expansion plans.
This Finance Fundamentals for Entrepreneurs course helps the modern entrepreneur to understand the financial implications of their day to day decisions and the impact these decisions have on the business. It is also important that CEOs have a solid grasp of basic financial awareness in order to agree and manage budgets effectively and appreciate corporate finance principles that affect the value of their firm.
Programme Overview
  • A Two (2)-day training covering the basic financial knowledge for various stakeholders.
  • Consists of lectures, hands-on group exercises and case studies.

At the end of the programme participants would be able to:

  • Explain their impact on business finances and interpret key facts
  • Understand financial terms and confidently discuss issues that affect company finance
  • Interpret and become more familiar the three key financial statements – Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow
  • Plan, Implement and Monitor a Budget
  • Become familiar with the various ways Cash is Key to scaling growing businesses
Who Can Participate?

Entrepreneurs wishing to gain a clearer understanding of the fundamentals of business finance and how finance impacts on the decisions they make on a day-to-day basis either at a departmental or company-wide level.

Content Outline

The  course covers the core financial statements and provides important experience and practical examples in the following areas:

Day One : Module 01 – Understanding the Numbers

An Introduction to Finance Basics – Helping participants appreciate how their role as manager influences and affects finance within the organisation

Understanding Financial Terms – Addressing the barriers of financial jargon in order to ensure participants feel included in discussions around finance

Financial Statements – Providing participants with an understanding of the five accounting groups and introducing them to the three key financial statements

The Profit & Loss Statement (Income Statement) – A walkthrough of this statement with a focus on net profit and gross profit and why they are important

The Balance Sheet – Asking participants to review the balance sheet to identify what it does and does not tell them whilst ensuring they understand capital, assets and liabilities and the accounting equation

Cash Flow – Identifying what cash flow is, why it’s important and how the cash flow cycle works

The Cash Flow Statement – Understanding how to interpret a cash flow statement, who it’s important to and the categories within it (operating, investing, financing)

Day Two : Module 02 – Budgeting, Evaluation and Scaling the Business

Critical Performance Factors: Finding the “Hidden” Information, Measures of Financial Condition and Net Worth, Measures of Profitability, Measures of Financial Leverage, Measures of Productivity, Trend Reporting: Using History to Predict the Future

Working with Budgets – Helping participants to identify what a budget is and why it’s important to the organisation and the participant as manager as well as the CEO.

Budgets and the Operational Plan – Looking at the planning cycle, where the budget sits and its relationship with the operational plan

Writing a Budget – A look at budgeting methods, the different budgeting options, including variables, developing categories and defining budget line items

Budget Planning Practice – A practical activity that helps participants develop an effective budget plan

Monitoring the Budget – The importance of monitoring the budget, checking variables and making cash flow projections

Financing to Scale the Business Looking at Strategies Scaling your business, how a business gets financed and Cash Conversion Cycle.


2 Days


Lagos (Concluded in 2018, Jan/Feb 2019)

Abuja (Coming Soon)

Training Fee ( Terms and Conditions Apply) VAT Inclusive


Course Leader

Babafemi Awofala

Babafemi Awofala

Babafemi Awofala is the Founder and Senior Partner with Brickstone Partners Limited, an integrated professional service firm providing project finance advisory and transaction structuring for the agriculture, power, energy, infrastructure and real estate industry in West Africa.

Babafemi has 15 years experience advising companies and governments on private investments and has led teams in the structuring and executing project/structured financings and M&A transactions, performing financial due diligence, developing complex financial models, performing credit analyses, drafting valuations reports and information memoranda, and negotiating term sheets and closing documents.

He was a Vice President at Travant Capital, a private equity and investment advisory firm which raised and partially deployed a US$107m private equity fund. Babafemi executed the following Power & Energy Related-Restructuring advisory transactions. Babafemi was an investment banking lead with Vetiva Capital Management Limited where he lead teams on the advisory, structuring and management of more than
$1 billion in public and private offerings of debt/quasi-equity/equity and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions for corporations and governments in Nigeria over 3 years.

Prior to joining Vetiva Capital Management Limited, he was at the ARM Investment Mangers and was part of the private equity real estate team and he was responsible for managing due diligence activities, structuring and coordinating of potential investments and financings among co-investors. Key projects included acquisitions of medium–upper income residential and commercial properties in the Lagos and Abuja, equity placement
and advisory services for the raising of a $90 million private equity real estate fund that invests in real estate projects in West Africa, the US$ 350 million Toll Road Project in Lekki, Lagos and the financial plan for the expansion of a Regional Airport in Nigeria.

Mr. Awofala has an MBA from the Lagos Business School, Pan – African University, Lagos. He has concluded professional courses in Finance & Financial Law at SOAS-University of London. He is a member of Infrastructure Policy Commission and Technical Anchor on Mining Thematic Workgroup both at Nigeria Economic Summit Group

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Guest Facilitators

There would be other guest facilitators who are leading specialist in Private Equity, Financial and Accounting with vast Entrepreneurship, Commercial and Advisory experience in starting New Ventures and Growing business

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