Acquisition, Investments and Divestments (Advanced) Masterclass

Brickstone Project Sponsors Masterclass Training

Acquisition, Investments and Divestments (Advanced) Masterclass

Advanced Acquisition Investment and Divestment is a follow on from the Introductory Course ( Introduction to Acquisition, Investments and Divestments). The objective is to further help participants (mainly project sponsors) to develop advanced skills necessary to structure a deal or form an opinion about any proposed transaction involving the Acquisitions, Divestments and Investment for any business enterprise. Topics in this Investment and Acquisition Training  include value creation in mergers and acquisition; choice of payment method; valuation of private companies; deal due-diligence; incentive effects of deal financing. We also discuss bidding strategies and takeover tactics.
Masterclass Objectives

This Advanced Acquisition Investment and Divestment Training will look at Core transaction issues in financial and commercial analysis of any typical Acquisition, Investments and Divestment. There will be a focus on connecting the dots between Legal & Financial due-diligence and how this is driving successful transactions

In this Advanced Acquisition Investment and Divestment Training, participants will get an advanced view of the major aspects of the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) industry. Participants would discover the Case Studies and Concepts that underpin Acquisitions, Investments and Divestments, and learn the skills involved in executing transactions, from a deal’s inception to closure and integration

Programme Overview
  • A Two (2)-day training covering Advanced topics in Acquisitions, Investments and Divestments developments
  • Framed by the Nigeria context of current Corporate Law and sector development of capital markets
  • Consists of lectures, hands-on group exercises, computer modeling, and video case studies.
  • Expand Your Knowledge – Understand how different financial tools enable the many innovative transaction analysis
Who Can Participate?

The Masterclass is focused more on Sponsors and Project Owners as detailed below

  • Established Entrepreneurs involved in the process of Acquisition and Investments in various sectors
  • Heads of Family Managed Enterprises,Directors and Strategic Decision makers in Corporations
  • Mid to Senior level corporate executives in Public Sector dealing with strategic acquisition and divestment  issues
  • Academics and students who are looking out for strategic insights into the practical aspects of M&A transactions
Content Outline
Day One

1. Understanding Growth Motivations and Setting for Acquisitions; Divestments and Investment

  • Explain value creation through growth and industry consolidation.
  • Discuss why companies need to take strategic decisions such as acquisitions, divestments and investments.
  • Marco Economic Realities
  • Identify common seller and buyer motivations;
  • Identify the key players in Strategic Transactions and explain the rationale on the decision to Buy or Sell;
  • Highlight the buyers and sellers preparation for the deal

2. Due-Diligence Legal, Market and Commercial

  • Explain why Mergers and Acquisitions Fail;
  • Show the importance of Market and Legal Due Diligence
  • Key DD Elements to look out for
  • Case Studies and Examples

3. Valuation Approaches & Fundamentals

  • Highlight the process of determining the Universe of buyers;
  • Explain using the Invested Capital Model to define the investment being appraised;
  • Highlight the Financial Statement Adjustments to look out for in M&A’s;
  • Discuss how to manage investment risks in Merger & Acquisitions.

4. Understanding Adjusting Value through Premiums and Discounts

  • Highlight the Applicability of Premiums and Discounts as well as the use discretion in the size of the adjustment;
  • Discuss “Control” versus “Lack of Control” in Income- Driven methods;
  • Explain the meaning of “Fair Market Value” vs. “Investment Value”
Day Two

5. Regulatory Fillings

  • Key Requirements of the SEC
  • Fulfilling the SEC requirements
  • Parties involved

6. Finalizing Deal Terms

  • Discuss Deal Structure: Stock vs. Assets ;
  • Highlight the various terms of Sale: Cash vs Stock;
  • Importance of Heads of Agreements before Definitive Contracts;
  • Understanding Term Sheets

7. Negotiation: Creating a WIN-WIN

8. Basic Framework for Corporate Governance in M&A

  • Participants are introduced to the basic framework for corporate governance.
  • Begins by describing the complex role of the modern corporation, then proceeds by discussing the fiduciary duties to which a board of trustees is bound (duty of care, duty of loyalty, etc.),

9. Workshop on Closing the Deal and After: Workshop Discussion Panel

Discussion Panel on discussion “How is a deal closed?” Other signing and closing events; post closing Issues; Linking Due Diligence to Integration Planning and Execution;


The Facilitators are leading specialist in Mergers and Acquisition transactions having vast commercial and financial advisory experience range from negotiations to sourcing, developing, closing and delivering equity, project/ corporate finance and other contractual structures across major transactions within Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Masterclass Locations, 2018–2019


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