Economic & Market Research

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Economic & Market Research Estimation & Cost Feasibility | Business Intelligence

Economic Research looks at the policy. micro and marco-economic conditions. Market Research is to determine the industry structure, size and viability of the project been embarked upon.
We also undertake advocacy activities with a view to promote trade and investment within the built and natural infrastructure environment.

Our offerings includes:

    • Marco Economic Research Reports
    • Industry Reports
    • Field Market Research
    • Economic analysis and project feasibility
    • Large-scale best use studies
    • Market analysis and market structures reviews
    • Modelling of projected demand (for new product and services)
    • Stakeholder consultation and engagement
    • Capital requirements projections & operational costing scenarios
    • Options appraisal and due diligence
    • Competitor intelligence
Other Core Services provided by Brickstone Includes the following

Research & Intelligence |Transaction Advisory |Development Management |Alternative Asset Management

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