Alternative Asset Management

As Alternative Asset Managers, Brickstone’s responsibility is to act as the owner’s representative in order to maximize the Assets’s financial performance post construction.

We do this by devising innovative structured asset management solutions that enable clients to capture new investment and asset-use opportunities or support growing asset optimization needs

Our services is provided along the following areas
Development Management

We assume the responsibility for the performance of the property asset and provide comprehensive and transparent reporting in a manner that focuses on investor returns and is the day to day spokesperson for the optimal performance of the Commercial Property.
We assist clients in thinking strategically about their under-performing assets, while providing strategy that maximizes recovery while minimizing risk exposure.

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Real Estate

Brickstone has an established, highly disciplined and active investment management approach to sourcing, structuring, monitoring and exiting from investments.

We’ve combined industry-proven technology, best-of-class workflow and data management tools, and industry expertise

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Research and Intelligence

We act as Principal Investors in managing proprietary deals alongside our co-investors which includes Corporate, Individuals, Private investment firms and Development Finance Institutions.

We work on a deal by deal basis to invest across equity, debt and anything in between. Our objective is always to de-risk the transactions and make the project bankable

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Our Approach in Alternative  Asset Management
Alternative Asset management is essential to alternative assets such as Real Estate and Infrastructure Investors and Sponsors, however skilled management with consistent service is hard to find. With our knowledge, experience, and personal approach we deliver a service with an eye on maximizing the full potential of a Large Scale Asset at all times. The philosophy behind our management role is to maintain the Large Scale Asset at its highest and best use
Alternative Asset management is about three things: maximising value, reducing costs and increasing returns from the Large Scale Asset. This philosophy is at the heart of our approach to every asset under our management, be it a single investment or a broad and diverse portfolio across a range of sectors and borders.
Other Core Services provided by Brickstone Includes the following

Research & Intelligence |Transaction Advisory |Development Management |Alternative Asset Management

Investment Approach & Philosophy

Our Investing Platform is managed by Brickstone Investment Managers (a subsidiary of Brickstone Africa)  which acts is a co-developer, investor and asset manager of greenfield and brownfield infrastructure projects in West Africa

Our principal investing strategy is focused on essential infrastructure projects with strong political and governmental support; on projects requiring technical expertise with high barriers to entry; and on projects with limited correlation to other asset classes. We focus on the following project finance market sectors:

  • Agriculture: Agriculture processing and Industrial farming;
  • Social: government buildings, judicial, educational and healthcare facilities;
  • Transportation: highways, bridges, light rail transit and aviation (terminals) ; and
  • Real Estate and Hospitality Developments: Housing, Offices, Retail Malls and Hotels

In these developments we act as “Development Partners” to provide “Co-Developer Equity”. This refers to a part of the capital stack of a real estate project created when two parties enter into a joint venture in order to co-develop and jointly lead the execution of a single real estate joint venture project (mostly the counter-parties are mostly the land-owners or institutional investors). Brickstone Investment Managers may provide any or all of the following assistance to the counter party:

  • Providing and managing all the Design & Technical needs required by lenders and planning authorities ;
  • Providing full Cost Estimation and Management Services for the project;
  • Helping to formulate the Project Finance development’s business plan;
  • Structuring and securing financing for the real estate development;
  • Assisting with the management of the development post-closing; and
  • Executing on the realization or disposition of the developed  assets in order to harvest returns.
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