Special Situation Advisory

We provide Special Situation Advisory for Distressed Debt Situations in Financial Services and Technology with quality cash generative business models.We are also involved in Capacity Building, Regulation and Policy Strategy for the Governments.
We offer Policy Advice to Government on how to achieve poverty reduction and food security targets through sustainable developments. We work with authorities to support the review of existing policies and to design new strategies and programmes

We advise along the following core areas.
Special Situation Advisory
Financial Services & Technology

Brickstone draws on its experience across industries to advise on innovative ways to optimize processes, reduce back office costs, align IT, manage risks, and plan for evolving competitive and regulatory landscapes

Special Situation Advisory
Advocacy & Institutional Reform

Brickstone offers specialist skills in helping governments and national sector regulators seeking to establish, strengthen or reform liberalised markets and advises regulated companies on how this impacts on them.

Special Situation Advisory
Social Investing Initiatives

Social Investing, also referred to as “mission investing” in the philanthropic world, means placing assets into investments that provide a societal or mission-related benefit in addition to a financial return.

What we call “Special Situation Advisory”
Our Special Situation Advisory for Distressed Debt Situations in Financial Services and Technology with quality cash generative business models. We are also involved in Capacity Building, Regulation and Policy Strategy for the Governments
Our Value Add
The dynamic nature of Policy Advisory Advisory in Africa presents Governments policy makers, businesses, and investors with significant opportunity to develop an enabling environment that can grow their economy.
We can assist the Public Sector across a wide range of issues facing our clients around the Africa. We advise clients both government agencies and private companies who are making important decisions involving complex commercial arrangements with the private sector. Brickstone Partners provides policies, strategies, and regulatory options that promote competitive, efficient market environments while safeguarding the interests of private sector parties.
Our Value add includes the following
  • Research & Strategic Advice – regardless of whether project is at seed stage, growth, or construction stages of its project cycle, we advise on development model, strategy performance and optimization strategies. We are also able to advise the public sector on issues related to Policy Research and Advocacy
  • Market Feasibility & Cost Modelling – We understand the key sensitivities, issues and challenges this sector faces and the opportunities and commercial drivers that inform their decisions we partner with developers to create better business outcomes through the development of feasibility and investment model
  • Project Finance Advisory – we develop key strategies for investors to invest and act as trusted local adviser in all project finance advisory requirements in the Power and Renewable Energy Sector
  • Corporate Finance Services – we advise throughout the life cycle of the transaction including buy-side, sell-side , capital placements and post-transaction. We work with established industry operators to optimize their financing structures, and structure additional or funding arrangements for Power and Renewable Energy
  • Development Management – we advise, lead and manage all aspects of development actualization programme these includes design optimization, through planning, risk management, cost programming commercial issues and development  implementation
  • Asset Management – we provide origination and structuring of investments to suit our client’s investment goals. We possess good experience in OPEX and Project Financing as well as providing operational efficiency to increase project profitability. We are also able to provide Investor Representation services to  help buy-side or sell-side investors in the sector

Capability Statement for Special Situation Advisory

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