multi-level car park development business plan 

Proposed Multi-level Car Park Development

Multi-level Car Park Development is of key importance in Lagos. Lagos is experiencing increased levels of traffic and congestion due to wider...
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Residential real estate redevelopment 

Residential Re-development, Louis Solomon Close, Victoria Island, Lagos

Residential Real Estate Redevelopment means re-using and improving real estate by adding or rehabilitating buildings, making properties more marketable. Real Estate Redevelopment is...
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Real Estate Development 

Gerald-Cameron Close Real Estate Development, Ikoyi

Real estate development could be termed lucrative, however, it is capital and management intensive. Brickstone Partners brings Commercial and Residential Real Estate Development...
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Warehouse Re-development 

Warehouse Re-development, Apapa, Lagos

Warehouse Re-development means re-using and improving the warehouse by adding or rehabilitating buildings, making properties more marketable. Warehouse Redevelopment is necessary when structures...
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private hospital suite development 

Private Hospital Suite, University Teaching Hospital, Ibadan

The Private Hospital Suite Development was envisioned to cater for the increase in the overall capacity of the healthcare system to cope...
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information technology park 

Information Technology Park, Sagamu-Lagos Expressway

The Information Technology Park would focus on creating a R & D(Research and Development) park for governments and corporate firms. The project...
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Hotel Apartments Development, Victoria Island 

Hotel Apartments Development, Victoria Island, Lagos

Hotel Apartments also known as extended- stay hotel is a serviced apartment complex designed for medium to long term stay that uses...
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Residential Estate Development, GPH, 

Residential Estate Development, GPH, Rivers

Greater Port Harcourt is a metropolitan area currently under construction in Rivers State, Nigeria. Major plans have been made to build the planned metro area through...
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conducting feasibility 

Pre-feasibility: New Standard Gauge Route South West, Nigeria

The objective of the study is conducting feasibility of New Standard Gauge Route for a proposed route in Nigeria. The consultancy is...
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PPP Infrastructure project 

Abuja District PPP Infrastructure Financing Project

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) have emerged over the last two decades as one of the sustainable ways to grow development, fuelled by insufficient...
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